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Immerse yourself in the history of a ski area that dates back to the beginnings of skiing in Montana…and America. Discover what volunteerism in a community can accomplish. Partake in memories of family fun, friend fun and community fun. This is the story of the Butte Ski Club and its pioneering ski area called “The Beef Trail”.

Formed as a nonprofit organization in 1937, the Butte Ski Club and Beef Trail ski area served the people of Butte, Montana and its environs for 50 years. Over the decades, members of the Butte Ski Club spawned many innovative ideas and ski technologies that are still intriguing to this day. With vintage photos, home movies, memorabilia, and personal accounts this made-for-TV production recreates the colorful and never before documented history of a special area that was home to skiers of all ages, abilities and techniques. Although the Beef Trail is no longer in operation, the Butte Ski Club is still serving families of Butte as a charitable foundation. So get ready to wax nostalgic as the Beef Trail comes to life once again!

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Produced by Terry N. Lonner
© 2003 Media Works & KUSM-TV/Montana PBS, Bozeman, MT

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