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Butte Ski Club Charitable Foundation
The Butte Ski Club Charitable Foundation is a Perpetual Fund established from the remaining sold assets of the Butte Ski Club and is distributed by the volunteer Board of Directors for purposes of recreational skiing, sports activities and facilities, and health and human services benefiting the youth of Butte-Silver Bow County, Montana.

Current Board of Directors

H. Fritz Apostel, President

Tom Downey, Vice President

John Winston, Treasurer

Roger Baker, Secretary

Dorothy Apostel

Wes Donnelly

John Mike Downey

Roger Gordon

Janet Thompson

Grant Making Guidlines
  • While the Foundation seeks to support a wide range of community activities, grants will generally be made to those organizations that share common values with the Butte Ski Club Charitable Foundation and have the greatest opportunity for positively effecting those communities in the Butte-Silver Bow area.

  • Requests for physical improvement purchases are generally favored over operating funds.

  • Grants will not be made to support political activities or organizations established to primarily influence legislation, nor will contributions be made for religious purposes.

  • Grants will not be made to or on behalf of individuals except for scholarships for which the Foundation does not participate in the selection of the recipient.

  • Grants generally will not be made in support of fraternal, service, veteran, or social groups.

  • The Foundation generally does not fund economic and commercial development projects. Foundation grant making will be focused in the following categories:

RECREATIONAL SKIING – Providing recreational skiing for Butte-Silver Bow’s youth is the primary focus of the Foundation. Grants to recreational skiing activities will primarily be made through the school system.

YOUTH SPORTS ACTIVITIES & FACILITIES – Any recreational sporting event, activity or facility that involves the youth of Butte-Silver Bow is eligible for grant monies from the Foundation.

HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES - Grants will be occasionally considered for organizations serving human needs such as youth homes and special community health and safety needs directly benefiting the youth of Butte-Silver Bow. Grants will also be considered for civic improvement, special events, and organizations directly involving Butte’s youth.

The Foundation prefers not to fund multi-year requests.

Evaluation of Applications

Considerations include:

  • Whether the activity or need to be served is in the geographic area of concern by the Foundation.

  • Previous history of contributions. In the absence of the pledge of a grant to be paid over a number of years, organizations must submit requests each time they wish to be considered. The Foundation will not grant annual, automatic contributions to any organization, activity or maintenance of a facility.

  • The perceived effectiveness of the organization, the need for the activity or facility relative to other organizations in the community.

  • The levels of support being received by the organization from within the area in which it operates and from other sources. Generally, we do not wish to provide the sole funding or accept all the responsibility for an event, project or activity.

  • The funds available to the Foundation.

  • Any other factor relevant to the application at hand.

Grant Cycle

All applications will be considered as received. Applications must be received by September 1 to be considered for a fiscal year
(October 1 through September 30). Decisions on funding will be made by November 20.


All applications and communications
concerning the Foundation should be directed to:

Board of Directors
The Butte Ski Club Charitable Foundation
2900 Sheridan Ave.
Butte, MT 59701

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Butte Ski Club Charitable Foundation
Guidlines and Application

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